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Veteran's Day 2019

by: Matthew Diers

I attended two Veterans Day events this past weekend.  I shook hands with every veteran I know and thanked them for their service to our country.

I am a retired Marine Corps Platoon Sergeant.  In association with the annual November the 11th Veterans Day celebrations, every year on November the 10th every current or retired Marine celebrates the Marines Corps Birthday.  In November 1775 the United States Marine Corps was created to be an aggressive and offensive infantry force.  My wife and I celebrated the Marine Corps’ 244th anniversary in an annual USMC celebration at Talbott Farms tap room.  Thanks to the folks at Talbott Farms (a family with multiple Marine Corps veterans) for hosting this cool event.

Monday morning, I also attended the Veterans Day Celebration in Fruita at the Vietnam War Veteran Memorial.  This program shared music, stories and memories honoring the service of all armed service women and men, fallen in action and missing from duty.  It is an honor to witness and join with the citizens from Mesa County remembering retired veterans, giving thanks to active duty personnel while recognizing all for their service and sacrifice for our great nation and our way of life.

Thank you to all United States service women and men for their service to our country.


Matt Diers


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