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By Matthew Diers

I have never done this before… campaigned for public office… it is a new experience for me…

I am not a career politician nor do I aspire to any other public office other than Mesa County Commissioner.

Admittedly, in my 33 year career in public education there were internal politics and jockeying for influence and position. Administrators were always seeking, developing and nurturing alliances with professional staff, gathering coalitions that created and sustained change for our schools, our students, our community. This instilled confidence for our school direction in district leaders.

Campaigning for public office is very different. The dynamic of reaching out to people that I have never met, attempting to garner and gather support, asking complete strangers to assist and fund my efforts to become a Mesa County Commissioner are humbling. I am attempting to encourage our citizens and advocate for the leadership we all agree a Mesa County Commissioner should provide.

The best part of this 15 month campaign journey is visiting with the people of Mesa County, listening and learning what the citizens of this community want and need from elected leadership and County Commissioners.

In the next 5 years Mesa County has many challenges that we must address and find solutions.. These challenges include Mesa County Jail upgrades, our Mesa County Colorado River Drainage responsibilities and storm water drainage strategies, improving Mesa County roads and transportation infra-structure. The overwhelming topic and issue that people ask about most is the growth that Mesa County has experienced over the past half century and how do we manage that expansion into the future. We need to create workforce development and employment opportunities for the families in our community that support a balanced and diverse economy providing an economic foundation that will sustain our community and our families into the remainder of the 21st century.

My message continues to be one of encouragement, hope and workforce development, seeking and recruiting new industry adding job opportunities. I will continue to work with Colorado Mesa University and School District 51 to educate train and develop a workforce that will be an employment pipeline that provides economic stability and diverse opportunity for Mesa County and our residents.


Matt Diers


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