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Our Democratic Republic

By: Matthew Diers

REPUBLIC: A nation state in which supreme power is held by the people through their elected representatives.

DEMOCRACY: A system of government selected by the citizen population, typically through electing representatives.

The United States of America is the largest, most populated, advanced Democratic Republic in the world. Our nation continually confronts challenges, overcomes adversity, addresses social issues and conflicts while creating the United States of America. This type of government, our Democratic Republic and society requires high levels citizen participation. It requires an informed population that acknowledges their fundamental responsibility as each citizen to make actively informed decisions. It demands high levels of commitment and involvement that requires a high level of citizen contribution.

Democracy is a participation sport. Democracy is hard. Democracy takes time. Democracy involves listening to others, and an openness to share and discuss issues and ideas and value that process. Our freedoms of religion, freedoms of speech and press, freedom to bare arms and the freedom to seek and pursue life, liberty and happiness for ourselves and our families are held in high esteem!

Being a person who speaks and stands up for others is not easy. It requires individual commitment, effort, and knowledge. Democracy calls to all citizens. It is a call that every citizen has a right and an obligation to exercise and respond to.

In The United States of America, every national, state and local election cycle, government ask every resident to become involved in the political process. Community members have an opportunity to elect officials to represent them, have a voice in adopting or repealing legislation that effects our communities in multiple ways. I encourage all citizens of Mesa County, regardless of beliefs, political ideology or personal desires to become involved in the political process and to let their voices be heard.

As United States citizens, it is not only our constitutional right, it is our duty, our privilege, and our obligation to have each our voices be heard. Make sure that your voice and your active citizenship are counted in order to create the America YOU want to live in!

Get out, be active, have a voice. VOTE!


Matt Diers


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