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2nd Amendment rally

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

by: Matthew Diers

I attended the “HELL NO RALLY” in Orchard Mesa on November 13!

The rally was an excellent example of Western Colorado  Republican Values on display and the Republican Party spirit that exists here today from  Mesa County citizens. This event supported and amplified 2nd amendment rights in our  county and our country to own and openly carry firearms.  The 2nd amendment clearly allows for all United States Citizens to own to bare and to carry firearms.

Thank you to Bob Prescott, Mesa County Commissioner Candidate in District 3 for hosting this well attended and organized afternoon.

The afternoon program was hosted by Mesa County Republican President Kevin McCarney introducing Western Colorado Republican Speakers;  Congressman Scott Tipton, Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese, keynote speaker, 2nd Amendment advocate and open carry proponent Lauren Boebert, Colorado State Senator Ray Scott, County Commissioner Candidates Cody Davis and Michael Day.  All these speakers spoke on many different national and local political issues supporting the current Republican party platform in our nation as well here in Western Colorado.    I was impressed and overwhelmed with the passion displayed of the values of the local Republican party members and our Mesa County citizens. 

It was an honor to attend  and talk to so many like-minded people of our community in the support of 2nd amendment rights in our country, and to support the current Republican values that Mesa County Residents believe in and live by every day. 


Matt Diers


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