• Support our families and citizens  in maintaining and celebrating our Western Colorado way of life

  • Developing, maintaining and appropriately supporting our law enforcement communities and public safety organizations

  • Small, efficient, accessible, and responsive local government and public services

  • Prioritize the maintenance and advance of Mesa County transportation and utility infrastructures

  • Promote all education organizations developing workforce readiness and post-secondary success for students and entrepreneurs within our community

  • Representing families and citizens of Mesa County

  • Work with Mesa County Commissioners will be done in an open and transparent way

  • Budgeting, department prioritization, taxation decisions, zoning, economic development and business recruitment will be conducted in a data driven, honest and open manner  of shared decision making

  • Support our rural community.

  • Attract vibrant economic sectors that support and diversify our economic sustainability

  • Collaborate with Western Colorado Energy industries to harvest the energy resources of Western Colorado

  • Preserve Mesa County’s long established agricultural based economy, preserving Western Colorado Water rights

  • Support green energy initiatives and green economic development as we look into the 21st century and beyond

  • Developing a workforce that supports local industries, mechanical and electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer technology sectors

  • Support and encourage the  tourist and outdoor recreational mecca that we live in and enjoy

  • I believe in a small, efficient, responsive County Government that is accountable to all citizens

  • I believe in the conservative Republican Party platform and conservative Western Colorado values

  • I believe in smart, data driven, conservative budgeting, prioritizing taxation decisions, and supporting expenditures that are needed and not excessive

Matt Diers


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